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Course of Action

We are able to improve the net income for the grower by implementing a step-by-step approach throughout the growing season, customized according to climate, soil, and crop; this maximizes both the "in-the-pocket" and the "bank account" value for the grower.

Our obvious starting point is to determine the current status of soil and plant nutrition and to assess the biological, the organic, and the chemical health of the soil, including its electrochemical suitability for any given texture class. Furthermore, we investigate the irrigation water suitability for the given soil, irrigation practice, and specific crop.

From this evaluation and other information sources, recommendations are made for amounts and type of fertilizers best suited for each field, as well as application distribution throughout the season. Improvement of the electrochemical properties are part of these fertilizer recommendations. The recommendations also address watering practice.

Support of biology is provided by balancing microbiology using the Petrik Bio-Organo-Mineral System (PBS) and addressing appropriate carbon input usage via cover crop incorporation or other carbon input sources as needed.

Petrik biochemistry, along with locally available fertilizers, provides for the accurate balancing of biochemical and chemical nutrition; this allows for the support of plant growth in aspects of cell multiplication, stabilization, and fill. PBS program outlines are available for a variety of crops and climates ensuring each aspect of the PBS is implemented at appropriate stages.

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