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Our Concept

We at Petrik believe that growers must utilize a systematic approach to growing crops, rather than react to symptoms observed in the field. A systematic approach, involving all aspects and relations of the soil-plant-microbe cooperative associations, is necessary in order to improve any given soil. At Petrik, we utilize such a full management system, the Petrik Bio-Organo-Mineral System (PBS) that is geared towards producing quality in plants and produce through the management of resources such as organic carbon, nutrients, and water with the help of Petrik support materials and soil, tissue, and water sampling.

We understand soil quality is like a bank account that does not have overdraft protection! Growers must make deposits to maintain the soil's health, as well as make withdrawals in the form of harvests. Short-term foresight, viewing only the present year without recognizing the long-term impact of actions on the soil, misses the true cost of growing the crop. Our vision is to bring a more sustainable approach to fertility.

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